Carbon recycling company LanzaTech is ranked #13 on CNBC’s fourth annual Disruptor 50 list, which recognizes forward-thinking start-up companies whose innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape. LanzaTech produces fuels and chemicals from industrial waste gases—capturing the gases before they are emitted into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

LanzaTech has been a significant research and development partner of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) for more than 5 years, receiving multiple funding awards to advance biofuel and bioproduct processes. LanzaTech has been working with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on a BETO-funded process to transform carbon-rich industrial waste gases into renewable jet fuel. In addition, LanzaTech is working on another BETO project to develop a combined biological and chemical route to biofuels from biomass-derived synthetic gas (syngas).

Recently, LanzaTech was selected for two new BETO awards. Its Bioenergy Incubator 2 project will work on technology to enable manufacturing of the high-value industrial chemical building block, acetone, via biomass-derived syngas. Under its MEGA-BIO funding award, LanzaTech, along with its partner and project lead, the Dow Chemical Company, will help develop a process for the bioconversion of biomass-derived syngas to fatty alcohols as a pathway to biofuels.

Read more about LanzaTech’s work and the Disruptor 50 list recognition from the LanzaTech press release and its CNBC LanzaTech company profile. Also see Lanza Tech’s 2015 Greener Synthetic Pathways Award in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge, and watch LanzaTech CEO Jennifer Holmgren speak at BETO’s annual conference in 2014.