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Studies on the connection between solar adoption and energy upgrades by Better Buildings Residential Network member Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in California are helping solar companies realize that partnering with local energy efficiency programs can help turn potential competition into an addition to their business.

Photo of a young man working on solar panels.

According to CSE, data from 2,350 San Diego-area residents who participated in the California Solar Initiative rebate program show that future solar adopters may be an ideal market segment for making more comprehensive energy upgrades. Results showed that solar customers feel deeper energy efficiency upgrades offer more than just cost savings. Other factors related to home comfort, health, and safety can provide the opportunity to engage these customers in taking additional energy measures.

“Consideration should be given to integrating solar into energy efficiency programs and framing solar as a component of a comprehensive home energy upgrade,” said Ria Langheim, CSE research analyst. “This may help future solar customers to explore the full range of energy efficiency options, as well as encourage contractors to offer both energy efficiency and solar installation services.”

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