On-Bill Financing Brings Lenders and Homeowners on Board

Read how Clean Energy Works’ partnership with a nonprofit community development financial institution resulted in an unprecedented number of upgrades in a short period of time.
July 2014

Program Finds Community “Readiness” is the Key to More Retrofits

Read how BetterBuildings for Michigan facilitated more than 11,000 home energy upgrades using a “readiness scale” to determine each community’s readiness to make energy upgrades.
June 2014

Equipment Lease Program Breaks Down Barriers for Cincinnati Contractors

Read how the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) helped jump-start the region’s home performance contracting market by removing a common barrier to entry for contractors.
April 2014

Energy Advisors Help Homeowners Go the Extra Mile

Read how Denver Energy Challenge significantly improved assessment-to-upgrade conversion rates by enlisting energy advisors focused on helping customers through each step of the home upgrade process.
February 2014

Air-Sealing Program Drives Maine Home Energy Savings Through the Roof

Read how Efficiency Maine's statewide Residential Direct Install program not only helped homeowners undertake air sealing measures to improve their homes' efficiency, but opened the door to deeper upgrades.
January 2014

Energy Impact Illinois Learns That Parties Sell Upgrades

Read how Energy Impact Illinois brought together Chicago homeowners, neighbors, and friends through a "house party" initiative to drive demand for energy efficiency upgrades. 
December 2013

In the City of Brotherly Love, Sharing Know-How Leads to Sustainability

Read how Philadelphia EnergyWorks helped sustain future programs by sharing marketing insights and program data with a local utility partner. 
November 2013

Data-Driven Mailing Helps Heat Up Untapped Seattle Market

Read how Community Power Works in Seattle, Washington, used a direct mail strategy to break through to the city's local untapped market—owners of oil-heated homes. 
February 2013

It's Academic: BetterBuildings for Michigan Partners With University to Reach Employees

Read how BetterBuildings for Michigan expanded its reach by initiating a semester-long, employer-assisted partnership with Grand Valley State University.
January 2013

LaborWorks Provides Vermont Contractors With Help When They Need It

Read how this Vermont partner established a nonprofit temporary labor pool to assist professional contractors during busy periods when they couldn't keep up with demand.
December 2012