Some homeowners find additional energy improvement expenses easier to handle when they're incorporated into an existing bill. On-bill financing for energy efficiency upgrades provides homeowners the opportunity to pay for these improvements as part of their utility bills. For many homeowners, the energy savings can offset a significant portion of their energy efficiency loan payment.

In Oregon, Clean Energy Works offered on-bill financing as part of its comprehensive upgrade pilot program in the city of Portland. The successful pilot offer, which ended in March 2011, also included low-cost, long-term financing and assistance from an independent expert energy advisor. The program allowed for 500 low-cost loans for whole-home energy remodels and reduced the energy consumption in most of those homes by 20% or more. Based on the pilot's success, Clean Energy Works now offers on-bill financing to homeowners throughout Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties.

Other Better Buildings Neighborhood Programs, such as EnergySmart in Eagle County, Colorado, are working to incorporate on-bill financing into their financing options as well. Find out more about on-bill financing and other options for financing energy efficiency upgrades.