People aren't the only ones who must endure the discomfort of a drafty room. As a recent letter sent to Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) contractor Anthony Stonis from customer Stephanie Marder points out, even man's best friend can benefit from the increased comfort of an air-sealing upgrade. Following is a short excerpt of Marder's letter describing how her wind-phobic dog, Marshall, went from sleepless to snoring after Stonis and his crew sealed her home's attic and basement:

"During wind storms, Marshall would become upset. He would drool, drip from the nose, and was anxious. I thought it was something to do with a fear of weather, but since you guys sealed the attic and basement, he has not reacted. I woke to a wind storm the other night expecting Marshall to be sitting on my pillow, but there he was snoring next to me. I can only guess that it had to do with some sound in the attic as the wind blew through. I find that the house retains heat longer and is warmer all over, and that is great. But the aspect of having a dog with peace of mind during the times the wind picks up was worth all the work you did and money I spent. Marshall and myself thank you."

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Photo of a dog sitting on a bed or couch with a stuffed toy in front of it.

Marshall and his favorite stuffed penguin are sleeping better in Marder's insulated home.