Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners are doing great things across the country to help home and business owners save energy and increase comfort while creating jobs. Better Buildings seed funding helped these programs get underway. Now, less than halfway through the grant period, program partners are already looking ahead to how their programs will continue their strides once their seed funding has been fully invested. The Better Buildings Business of Energy Efficiency Workshop, held in October in Burlington, Vermont, helped partners conceptualize and enhance their business models to ensure that their efforts thrive well into the future. "We wanted to help our partners prepare for the future, even while they are still concentrating on identifying the best models to follow, so that when our funding cycle is completed in December 2013, they can sustain the momentum for energy efficiency in their local neighborhoods," said Better Buildings Neighborhood Program Manager Danielle Sass Byrnett. DOE provided workshop participants with numerous resources to help with business planning, including a draft Business Models Guide for residential energy efficiency. Learn more about Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners' progress to date and plans for the future.