Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Individuals Taking Energy Action in Manufacturing (ITEAM) prize, a competition designed to identify and attract attention to a wide range of ideas and practices that are driving measurable energy savings at U.S. manufacturing plants to stimulate innovation at other facilities. To do so, DOE is launching the ITEAM Prize competition as a means to find individuals who were responsible for creative, specific, and innovative ideas and practices that led to significant, measurable energy savings at their manufacturing facilities; and encourage those individuals to widely share their ideas and practices for the benefit of U.S. manufacturing facilities nationwide.

DOE is dedicating up to $75,000 for these awards, and will select up to five winners in each category of small, medium, and large manufacturers, for a total of up to 15 winners. Each winner will be awarded a cash prize of $5,000. In addition to the cash prize, the winners will be recognized and given an opportunity to present their submissions at the annual Better Buildings Summit and/or the World Energy Engineering Congress or a similar event. Winning ideas and practices will be highlighted on DOE’s Better Buildings Solutions Center website and winners may have an opportunity to participate in webinars and other events to share their ideas and practices with other organizations.

Announced on Manufacturing Day last month, the ITEAM competition is open to individuals employed at manufacturing plants operating at a U.S.-based facility. Submissions will be evaluated by their impact in terms of percent energy savings, initiative/leadership demonstrated by the applicant, and the innovation of the project. Additional credit will be given for successful strategies that engage other workers on the manufacturing floor. Entries must be submitted by May 15, 2019. Winners will be announced in July 2019.

By sharing successful strategies and examples of leadership, manufacturers can improve energy productivity and accelerate the adoption of energy efficient technologies. Through the ITEAM prize, DOE celebrates and spotlights employees on the plant floor all around the country who recognize the importance of saving energy, are strengthening their company’s competitiveness, and are driving cost savings in the process.

This prize is part of the Sustainability in Manufacturing Partnership, announced in April by Energy Secretary Rick Perry and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and facilitated by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, which supports early-stage research to advance innovation in U.S. manufacturing and promote American economic growth and energy security.

For prize rules, eligibility details, and how to apply, visit the Better Buildings website.