The 2016–2020 Strategic Plan and Implementing Framework from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is the blueprint for launching the nation’s leadership in the global clean energy economy.

Plan highlights include:

  • 7 strategic goal sections aligned along EERE’s core technology sectors and crosscutting areas
  • EERE's investment approach and core questions to prioritize work and deliver value
  • Success indicators to ensure EERE stays on track or adjusts its strategies as needed.

How EERE Invests Taxpayer Dollars

EERE designs its portfolio to make a significant impact in transforming the national energy landscape and maximizing taxpayer returns. Ultimately, EERE’s goal for its investments is to make clean energy technologies and services more available and reliable while lowering their direct and indirect costs, both to energy users and society as a whole.

Even in this critical role, each EERE investment is closely scrutinized based on five core questions related to impact, additionality, openness, enduring economic impact, and the proper role of government. Answering these questions will ensure the highest return for taxpayer supplied funds. Read more in the complete EERE Strategic Plan.