Strategic Analysis Team

The Strategic Analysis team develops tools and methods to enable consistent evaluation and analysis across EERE. Learn more about us.


The Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing
Electrification Futures Study: Scenarios of Power System Evolution and Infrastructure Development for the United States
2020 Standard Scenarios Report: A U.S. Electricity Sector Outlook
Summarizes Methods for R&D Portfolio Analysis and Evaluation workshop convened on 17–18 July 2019 at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The ATB identifies technology-specific cost and performance parameters or other investment decision metrics across multiple scenarios out to 2050
Describes cost and performance trajectories for different transportation technologies and fuel types across multiple scenarios out to 2050
Power system model methodology changes that can be used in future EFS studies, in order to better reflect key impacts of electrification
Provides facts and figures on capacity & generation, wholesale and retail electricity markets, power system operations, and transmission.
Provides statistics and figures that track industrial energy intensity and fuel use over time
2018 RE Data Book covers global and domestic renewable energy trends by technology over time.
Evaluates how residential energy conservation measures reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions.
Scenarios of electric end-use technology adoption and resulting electricity consumption in the United States.
Energy Analysis
Explore reports, datasets, and tools covering cost and performance characterizations of EERE technologies and their integration into energy systems, U.S. energy trends, and market and policy conditions for energy technologies.
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Program Evaluation
Learn about program evaluation at EERE, including requirements and processes, and find completed program evaluations.
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