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Utilities helped industrial customers prepare for SEP certification in SEP demonstrations.
Utilities and energy efficiency program administrators are testing SEP as a practical, energy-saving program offering.

Through the SEP Industrial Ratepayer-funded Program Accelerator, DOE is partnering with utilities and energy efficiency program administrators (PAs)/implementers to test SEP as a practical, energy-saving program offering for their industrial customers. View the fact sheet .

SEP Industrial Ratepayer-funded Program Accelerator Toolkit – This toolkit is designed to provide guidance and tools to support utilities and PAs to deploy SEP through energy efficiency program initiatives at any level of experience.

Utilities and energy efficiency PAs can incorporate Superior Energy Performance® (SEP®) into new or existing programs to help their industrial customers meet efficiency targets.

By offering SEP to your customers, utilities and PAs can expect to:

  • Produce cost effective energy savings through more energy savings projects addressing all energy uses - learn more about the business case of SEP
  • Provide higher value to customers and regulators by offering monitoring and verification (M&V) of projects
    • Contributes to customer's SEP certification claim
    • Provides flow of verified project savings to report
    • Supports project M&V results through third-party verification at facility level
  • Enhance and build relationships with high value customers
  • Deliver energy management tools and expertise to industrial customers. Take the training and exam to become a Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS). Learn how to become a CP EnMS or find a CP EnMS
  • Train and qualify utility staff and consultants as SEP instructors: contact Sandy Glatt to become a Qualified DOE instructor
  • Provide incentives for immediate operational improvement as well as planned capital installations
  • Collaborate with DOE to develop SEP as a practical program offering for industrial facilities in your service territory.

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