PowerAmerica Overview

The mission of PowerAmerica, established in 2014, is to develop advanced manufacturing processes for large-scale production of WBG semiconductors that will enable electronic components to be smaller, faster and more efficient than semiconductors made from silicon. WBG semiconductor technology has the potential to reshape the American energy economy by increasing efficiency in everything that uses a semiconductor, from industrial motors and household appliances to military satellites. PowerAmerica is led by North Carolina State University.

Technology Focus Areas

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve reliability
  • Demonstrate system insertion advantages
  • Strengthen the power electronics ecosystem



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PowerAmerica, Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy


  • Al Hefner, U.S. Department of Energy, Technology Manager

Technology Roadmap

PowerAmerica Technology Roadmap
Learn about the technical landscape, challenges, and commercialization opportunities for wide bandgap semiconductor power electronics.

Active Projects

PowerAmerica Projects Featured in 2017 Annual Report
Browse PowerAmerica's annual report features achievements in the past year, as well as detailed write-ups of almost 40 member projects.

Get Involved: Call for Projects, Upcoming Events

PowerAmerica 2017 Call for Projects
Projects to improve performance and lower cost of advanced wide bandgap semiconductor power electronics.
PowerAmerica's Open Innovation Fund (OIF)
The OIF provides funding to demonstrate the benefits of silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies in a range of products and industries.
PowerAmerica Annual Meeting - January 21-23
PowerAmerica's annual meeting for members and non-members.
APEC 2018: March 4-8th, San Antonio, TX
Industry conference for practicing power electronics professionals, addressing a broad range of topics in the use, design, manufacture, and marketing.