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Maintaining the viability of the U.S. petroleum refining industry requires continuous improvement in productivity and energy efficiency. The U.S. refining industry has worked with AMO to provide a range of resources that can provide energy and cost savings for the industry.

Analytical Studies & Other Publications

Documents for historical reference

Profile of the Petroleum Refining Industry in California (2004)

Energy Efficiency Roadmap for Petroleum Refineries in California (2004)

Energy Use, Loss and Opportunities Analysis: U.S. Manufacturing & Mining (2004)

Impacts of Condition Assessment on Energy Use: Selected Applications in Chemicals Processing and Petroleum Refining (2004)

Technology Roadmap for the Petroleum Industry, Draft 2000

Technology Vision 2020: A Technology Vision for the U.S. Petroleum Industry

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Petroleum Refining

The United States is the largest, most sophisticated producer of refined petroleum products in the world.

Challenges for the refining industry include lower-quality crude oil, crude oil price volatility, and environmental regulations that require cleaner manufacturing processes and higher-performance products.