NOTE: There are no costs to attend the workshops, however virtual seats are limited, so please only select the days you plan to attend.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) is conducting a virtual workshop series to examine how adoption of electrochemical technologies and strategies could substantially improve the performance (e.g. energy productivity, thermal efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduced number of process steps) of the industrial sector. Opportunities for technology development to accelerate commercial deployment will also be discussed.

This workshop will leverage the unique collaboration capabilities of a virtual environment to identify and assess the opportunities to apply electrochemical methods to manufacturing, and the R&D needed to overcome barriers to scale-up and deployment across a wide range of technology maturities and manufacturing scales. The workshop will bring together participants from across academia, National Laboratories, industry, and NGOs to provide their expertise, insights and vision for use of electrochemical processes across the U.S. industrial sector.

The workshop will examine how electrochemical technologies and strategies could be applied to various manufacturing applications. There will also be an opportunity to explore gaps in enabling technologies that span multiple industrial applications. The following tables show the cross-cutting benefits, examples of technology applications, and a description of enabling factors that influence the innovation ecosystem.

Below is an overview of what will be covered in each session. A detailed agenda will follow.



Plenary Topic(s)

Breakout Topic

June 15th

The connection between electrochemistry and DOE objectives and what current work is in this space

Discuss attendee’s hopes and objectives for the workshop

June 17th

State of the art in electrochemistry and how it is being applied in the manufacturing space today

Brainstorm on potential applications for EChem in industry

June 22nd

Potential applications of electrochemistry in industry and their impacts

Identify challenges to deploying EChem in industry and technology development needs

June 29th

Discussion of the innovation ecosystem and enabling technologies (see list above)

Identify opportunities to improve the innovation ecosystem for electrochemistry advancement

Participants of the workshop will receive pre-workshop framing document that provides more details on the workshop pillars and emerging technologies as well as post-workshop results documents.