October 19, 2021 11:00AM to 12:00PM EDT

October is Energy Awareness Month, an annual effort to highlight the importance of energy to our national prosperity and security. To celebrate, the Advanced Manufacturing Office is hosting a series of free webinars in partnership with the Better Plants program. These webinars will offer strategies to master facility energy use, best practices from energy efficiency goal achievers, and the latest tools from AMO for manufacturers across the industrial sector:

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Webinar Description: Analyzing natural gas (NG) bills can sometimes pose unique problems. Depending on your utility company, your bills can be very long and detailed or short, with just a few totals listed. Different charges can appear each month with no apparent explanation of why or how they are calculated. Learning to read your utility bills and understand why your utility charges different fees is critical in maximizing your cost savings through energy efficiency. The Understanding Your Utility Bills: Natural Gas webinar is intended to help companies learn about and analyze their natural gas bills. Data collected from utility bills can be used with the DOE Energy Performance Indicator software tool to establish an energy baseline and track progress over time.

Download: Understanding Your Utility Bills: Natural Gas