October 28, 2021 1:00PM to 2:00PM EDT

October is Energy Awareness Month, an annual effort to highlight the importance of energy to our national prosperity and security. To celebrate, the Advanced Manufacturing Office is hosting a series of free webinars in partnership with the Better Plants program. These webinars will offer strategies to master facility energy use, best practices from energy efficiency goal achievers, and the latest tools from AMO for manufacturers across the industrial sector:

Click this link to register for one or all of the webinars and and learn more about the session below.

Webinar Description: Since 2009, more than 250 U.S. manufacturers and industrial-scale energy-using organizations have established ambitious energy intensity reduction goals by joining DOE’s Better Plants program. Having an ambitious goal that is approved and communicated by senior management gives these companies a target to reach and helps focus their efforts towards improving energy efficiency. However, setting an ambitious energy or sustainability goal can be a daunting proposition, particularly if personnel in such companies don’t have enough resources or a coherent plan to achieve it. This webinar showcases key lessons learned from Better Plants goal achievers

Download: Trailblazers and Goal Achievers: How Better Plants Partners Achieved Ambitious Energy Goals