The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) held a virtual workshop on September 8–10, 2020 on potential areas for future research and development (R&D) and program activities for Combined Heat and Power (CHP). AMO hosted this workshop over the course of three afternoon sessions to gather stakeholder input from CHP component and system manufacturers, CHP industrial users, power electronics experts, and electric and gas utilities.

The principal focus of the workshop was to examine the potential role that energy efficient CHP technologies can play in enhancing manufacturing facility energy flexibility and resilience; and the technology advancements needed to enhance their adoption. Facilitated discussions emphasized how manufacturing facilities can provide support to the electric grid in the face of the rapid growth in non-dispatchable distributed energy resources.


A report that summarizes the workshop proceedings and stakeholder feedback:

AMO Fall 2020 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Virtual Workshop

The workshop featured the following presentations from AMO, CHP industry experts, and a variety of stakeholder perspectives: