ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management systems, provides practical strategies to improve energy performance—representing great potential for the energy-intensive manufacturing sector. To that end, AMO manages DOE’s Superior Energy Performance 50001™ (SEP 50001™) and 50001 Ready recognition programs. SEP 50001 offers certification and elevated levels of recognition to facilities that implement an energy management system aligned with ISO 50001 and achieve sustained excellence in energy management. 50001 Ready recognizes organizations that self-attest to implementation of an ISO 50001-based energy management system.

DOE’s energy management programs rely on experienced and qualified experts who provide services to companies in implementing, auditing, and evaluating conformance to the ISO 50001 standard. Collectively, these experts bring value to organizations implementing ISO 50001 energy management systems. For SEP 50001, the use of certified professionals ensures uniform quality of certification audits and greater confidence in outcomes. 

To create a community of energy management system professionals that can drive greater adoption of ISO 50001, AMO initially supported the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) to provide these credentialing services. IEnMP is now transferring the credentials to the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

AEE is a non-profit professional association of more than 17,000 members and over 32,000 certified professionals in more than 100 countries around the world, dedicated to fostering the professional growth and development of engineers in the energy industry. AEE offers ANSI 17024 accredited certification programs in the United States and Europe and is very well positioned to continue the consistency and quality that are the underpinnings of the credentialing programs that support ISO 50001. 

The transition’s effects on stakeholders will be limited (the SEP 50001 program has issued an Interpretation regarding these impacts). As of August 1, 2021, AEE will begin maintaining the ISO 50001-related professional credentials, including the three credentials that support AMO’s energy management programs:

  • The 50001 Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (50001 CP EnMS), who helps companies establish an ISO 50001 energy management system
  • The Energy Professionals International (EPI) ISO 50001 Lead Auditor, who leads the audit team in assessing an organization’s conformance to ISO 50001
  • SEP Performance Verifier (SEP PV), who specializes in reviewing, evaluating, and verifying energy performance improvement according to SEP 50001 program criteria

These credentials certify their holders as experts in these areas. The names of the credentials will remain the same (any change would be considered editorial in nature by the DOE). In addition, the transition does not change the competencies and requirements associated with each certification. 

Current credential holders do not need to take any immediate action, as SEP 50001 and 50001 Ready will continue recognizing valid IEnMP certificates until their expiration dates. 

New candidates pursuing any of these three credentials should apply for certification through AEE. After August 1, AEE will contact any candidates who began, but have not completed, the certification process through IEnMP.

The transition will have no direct impact on SEP 50001 program certifications issued to end-user facilities participating in the SEP 50001 program. However, staff members who hold IEnMP credentials will now need to maintain them through AEE.