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FOA Name: FY22 AMMTO-GTO Joint FOA: Lithium Extraction and Conversion from Geothermal Brines  
FOA number: DE‐FOA‐0002823
FOA Amount: $12 million  


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is announcing $12 million in Lithium Extraction and Conversion from Geothermal Brines research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) activities supporting the government-wide approach to the climate crisis by driving the innovation that can lead to the deployment of clean energy technologies, which are critical for climate protection. The FOA will look to advancing the development of a domestic lithium supply chain to support the White House goals of 50% adoption of electric vehicles and to reach 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, which will be supported by stationary storage. The FOA will leverage the technology and capabilities of academia including Minority Serving Institutions, entrepreneurs, research laboratories, and industry including small businesses.

Topic Areas  

DOE is looking for projects in the following two topic areas: One, Field Validation of Lithium Hydroxide Production from Geothermal Brines, and Two, Applied Research & Development for Direct Lithium Extraction from Geothermal Brines. The first topic seeks pilot or demonstration projects to validate cost-effective, innovative lithium extraction and LiOH conversion technologies from domestic geothermal brines. The second topic seeks to mature nascent technologies, processes, and methods that increase the efficiency, reduce the generation of waste, and/or reduce cost across one or multiple unit operations in the extraction, purification, and fluid trains. See below for additional guidelines:  

  • Topic One:
    • Promote process intensification, such as through the elimination of intermediate lithium carbonate conversion
    • Validate DLE in steady-state, continuously at a scale around one-tenth of commercial scale using real-world brines
    • Produce battery-grade materials to support domestic battery cathode manufacturing
    • Minimize or eliminate impact to human and environmental health and safety
    • Are easily integrated into existing facilities or allow for co-location of capabilities along the supply chain
  • Topic Two:
    • Proposed projects within this topic may make use of primarily synthetic brines but must use real brines for final results
    • During the award performance period, life-cycle considerations should be assessed, including but not limited to, carbon, energy, chemical, and/or water intensity. Life-cycle analyses may be required to validate the assessment
    • During the award performance period, the cost of proposed technologies and/or processes may be required to be validated by techno-economic analyses
  • Topic 1 is limited to industry-led partnerships, with small businesses being highly encouraged. Successful teams will include industry-relevant partners with existing or easy access to geothermal brines. Teams are also encouraged to partner with battery cathode producers. 
  • Topic 2 is limited to partnerships.

Key Dates

FOA Issue Date:


Submission Deadline for Concept Papers:  

12/9/2022 5:00pm ET

Submission Deadline for Full Applications

1/31/2023 5:00pm ET

Expected Submission Deadline for Replies to Reviewer Comments

2/24/2023 5:00pm ET

Expected Date for EERE Selection Notifications

March 2023

Expected Timeframe for Award Negotiations

September 2023

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