Lead OrganizationPartnersProject TitleCityStateDOE FundingCost ShareTotal Cost
Topic Area 1, Subtopic 1.1: Innovative Iron and Steelmaking Processes   
Antora Energy Inc.EVRAZ North American, Colorado School of Mines, ArcelorMittal USA, National Renewable Energy LaboratoryHigh-efficiency solid-state waste heat recovery for iron and steelmakingGoldenCA$2,000,000.00$500,000.00$2,500,000.00
Colorado School of MinesNational Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National LaboratoriesMaximizing Scrap Recycling by Designing Cu Tolerant Steel CompositionsGoldenCO$2,238,996.00$559,749.00$2,798,745.00
Cornell UniversityReaction Engineering InternationalIntegrated Reuse and Co-Utilization of Slag, Sludge and Dust With Inherent Heavy Metal Capture and Nanoscale Calcium Carbonate Production as an Enhanced Fluxing Agent in Steel Plants (INSIGHT)IthacaNY$1,226,921.00$309,553.00$1,536,474.00
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyPraxair Inc. a Linde Group, Big River Steel, Commercial Metals Company, Gerdau North America, Nucor Steel, CIX Inc., Colorado School of MinesIntelligent Dynamic EAF Advisory System (IDEAS) for Improving EAF Operating EfficiencyRollaMO$5,227,988.00$2,261,107.00$7,489,095.00
Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota DuluthNucor Steel, ArcelorMittalEnhancement of Iron Ore Pellet Chemistry to Allow More Efficient Natural Gas Based Direct Reduced Iron Production and Subsequent Conversion of the Metalized Product to Gangue Free Metallic Nodules and Pig IronDuluthMN$2,112,619.00$528,825.00$2,641,444.00
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUnited States Steel Corporation, Allied Mineral Products Inc., Reno Refractories Inc., American Metallurgical Services Company, LLC, Minerals Manufacturing Corporation, National Energy Technology Laboratory, University of Alabama at BirminghamUse of Novel Refractory Design and Installation Techniques for Improved Energy Efficiency in Iron and Steel and Other Energy Intensive IndustriesOak RidgeTN$1,000,000.00$354,000.00$1,354,000.00
Purdue University Northwest - Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization ConsortiumArcelorMittal USA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Praxair Inc. a Linde Company, Purdue University, U.S. SteelIntegrated Virtual Blast Furnace for Real-time Energy Efficiency ImprovementHammondIN$7,048,766.00$2,008,623.00$9,057,389.00
Topic Area 1, Subtopic 1.2: Enhanced Efficiency of Drying Processes   
Georgia Institute of TechnologySolenis LLC, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Sandia National LaboratoriesAdvanced Multiphase (MP) forming for enhanced efficiency of drying paper, tissue and other fiber composite productsAtlantaGA$2,999,673.00$749,919.00$3,749,592.00
Saint-GobainGeorgia Tech Research CorporationAdvanced Techniques for Energy Input Reduction in Gypsum Wallboard DryingNorthboroughMA$2,282,705.00$571,167.00$2,853,872.00
University of MinnesotaRAPID Manufacturing Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, Savannah River National LaboratoryIntegrated Radio Frequency and Ultrasonics with Conventional Processes for Efficient Water Removal in Pulp and Paper and Other Biomaterial ApplicationsSt. PaulMN$2,364,209.00$852,488.00$3,216,697.00
Topic Area 1, Subtopic 1.3: Machine Learning to Increase Efficiencies in the Manufacturing of Large-Scale, High-Rate Aerostructures   
Argonne National LaboratoryGKN Aerospace, Edison Welding Institute, GE ResearchProbabilistic Machine Learning for Rapid Large-Scale and High-Rate Aerostructure Manufacturing (PRISM)LemontIL$1,930,410.00$500,600.00$2,431,010.00
Edison Welding InstituteGE Research, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryIn-Process Monitoring for Reduced EB-DED NDT CostsColumbusOH$2,040,709.00$512,899.00$2,553,608.00
Raytheon Technologies Research CenterCollins Aerospace Systems, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMulti-Source Machine Learning and Thermoplastics Enhanced Aerostructure Manufacturing (mTEAM) (P.E00.0506)East HartfordCT$2,399,981.00$599,996.00$2,999,977.00
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.Texas Research Institute, Northern Illinois University, Argonne National LabFramework and Tool for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Enabled Automated Non-Destructive Inspection of Composite Aerostructures ManufacturingWichitaKS$2,193,972.00$548,493.00$2,742,465.00
University of Tennessee: KnoxvilleThird Wave Systems, Manufacturing Laboratories Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory MDF, GKN Aerospace:, Raytheon Technologies Research CenterPhysics-Guided Machine Learning (PGML) for Improved Aerostructure ManufacturingKnoxvilleTN$1,551,195.00$390,848.00$1,942,043.00
Topic Area 1, Subtopic 1.4: Integrated Additive Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Wind Blade Production   
Colorado State UniversityOwens Corning, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Arkema Inc., Vestas Blades AmericaAdditive Manufacture of Fiber Reinforced Composites for Novel Internal Wind Blade Structure with Radically Reduced Tooling RequirementsFort CollinsCO$2,000,000.00$514,250.00$2,514,250.00
GE ResearchOak Ridge National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, LM Wind Power, GE Renewable EnergyAdditive and Modular Enabled Rotor Blades and Integrated Composites Assembly (AMERICA)NiskayunaNY$3,999,771.00$2,655,422.00$6,655,193.00
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryVanderbilt University, The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, Ingersoll Machine Tools, Additive Engineering, TPI CompositesAdditive Manufactured Wind Blade Core Structure Enabling Thermal Welding of Advanced Large BladesGoldenCO$2,000,000.00$524,575.00$2,524,575.00
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUniversity of Maine, Orbital Composites Inc.On-Site, High-Throughput Manufacturing of Wind Blade Tips with Large Scale Continuous Fiber Additive ManufacturingOak RidgeTN$4,026,254.00$1,006,600.00$5,032,854.00
Sandia National LaboratoriesStratasys Direct Manufacturing, Wetzel Wind Energy ServicesAdditive Manufactured, System Integrated Tip for Wind Turbine BladesAlbuquerqueNM$2,000,000.00$500,000.00$2,500,000.00
University of MaineTPI Composites, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Inc., Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc., Techmer PM LLC, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMEGAPRINT: Using the World's Largest 3D Printer for Precision Manufacturing of Large Modular Wind Blade ToolingOronoME$2,835,116.00$708,926.00$3,544,042.00
University of MichiganRaytheon Technologies, TPI Composites, Penn State University ParkRobot-Based Additive Manufacturing of Lego-Type Modular Molds for Wind BladesAnn ArborMI$2,697,007.00$691,516.00$3,388,523.00
Topic Area 1, Subtopic 1.5: Reducing Cost of Production of Ceramic Matrix Composites Used in High-Temperature Applications   
Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems at Clearfield UtahAir Force Research LabAutomated Manufacturing of High Throughput and Low Cost Ceramic Matrix CompositesDaytonOH$1,754,505.00$744,931.00$2,499,436.00
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryRolls-Royce Holdings plc, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell International Inc., COI Ceramics Inc.Continuous Scalable Process for Domestic Production of SiC Fibers for Low-Cost Ceramic Matrix CompositesOak RidgeTN$2,000,000.00$604,937.00$2,604,937.00
Penn State University Park3D Systems: Dr. Jared Blecher;
Solar Turbines: Sudhakar Bollapragada
Vat Thermal- and Photo-Polymerization Additive Manufacturing for SiC-Based CMCsUniversity ParkPA$2,000,000.00$500,009.00$2,500,009.00
Robocasting Enterprises, LLCOak Ridge National LaboratoryReducing the Cost of CMC Fabrication via Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing and Advanced PIPAlbuquerqueNM$3,000,000.00$750,000.00$3,750,000.00
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.Starfire Systems, ZYP Coatings, National Institute for Aviation Research, Fiber Materials Inc., Oak Ridge National LaboratoryContinuous Fiber Silicon Carbide Ceramic Composite Manufacturing: A Low Cost Polymer Infiltration Process, Evaluation, and IndustrializationWichitaKS$2,538,894.00$634,724.00$3,173,618.00
Topic Area 2, Subtopic 2.1: Advanced Chemical Manufacturing R&D   
E2H2NANO, LLCUniversity of South Carolina, University at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkCompact Catalytic Membrane Reactor for One-Step High-Efficiency Ammonia (NH3) Synthesis at Moderate Temperatures and PressuresPittsfordNY$1,945,854.00$490,074.00$2,435,928.00
Forge Nano Inc.Oregon State University, Idaho National LaboratoryCatalyst Active Site Design by ALD for Advanced Chemical ManufacturingThorntonCO$4,000,000.00$1,000,000.00$5,000,000.00
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratorySiemens Energy USA, Total American ServicesAdvanced Design and Manufacturing of CO2 Electrolyzers for Flexible and Efficient Ethylene ProductionLivermoreCA$3,000,000.00$960,000.00$3,960,000.00
Savannah River National LaboratoryBechtel Corporation, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Induction Food Systems, RAPID Manufacturing Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, University of South Carolina: ColumbiaThermocatalytic Ethylene Production using Targeted RF Induction HeatingAikenSC$3,510,000.00$1,917,187.00$5,427,187.00
Texas Tech UniversityThe Shepherd Chemical Company, Idaho National LabDesigning a Methane Dehydroaromatization (MDA) Process for Feedstock Flexibility and High-On-Stream Time via Dynamic Kinetic and Thermodynamic ControlLubbockTX$2,631,932.00$659,054.00$3,290,986.00
University of HoustonKX2 Development, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Virginia, Idaho National LaboratoryResilient Ammoxidation of Small Hydrocarbons (R-ASH) Using Forced Dynamic Operation for Maximal FlexibilityHoustonTX$2,916,874.00$729,219.00$3,646,093.00
University of South Carolina, ColumbiaChemtronergy, LLC, Idaho National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEfficient CO2 and Natural Gas Refinery for Ethylene ProductionColumbiaSC$2,000,000.00$500,000.00$2,500,000.00
Topic Area 2, Subtopic 2.2: Dynamic Catalyst Science with Data Analytics   
Idaho National LaboratoryUniversity of Houston, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, Clariant CorporationCatalyst Evaluation for Deactivation and Remediation (CEDAR): Development of Robust Materials and Resilient Processes via Transient Measurement and Data-Driven Multiscale ModelsIdaho FallsID$5,000,000.00$1,536,062.00$6,536,062.00
Topic Area 3, Subtopic 3.1: Integrating Carbon Capture and Utilization into Industrial Processes   
Mosaic Materials Inc.John Parks, The Environmental Genome InitiativeDeveloping Low-Cost Manufacturing Processes for an Ultra-High Capacity Carbon Capture MaterialAlamedaCA$2,284,000.00$571,000.00$2,855,000.00
North Carolina State UniversityUniversity of CaliforniaIntegrating Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration into Chemical Pulp MillsRaleighNC$1,014,054.00$259,000.00$1,273,054.00
Northern Illinois UniversityAngstrom Advanced Inc., University of North Texas, Argonne National LaboratoryScalable Integration of CO2 Capture and Electrocatalytic Conversion to Organic LiquidsDeKalbIL$1,974,828.00$493,760.00$2,468,588.00
Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (PARC)Lawrence Livermore National LaboratorySorbents Tailored for Emission Abatement in Manufacturing (STEAM)Palo AltoCA$1,574,269.00$400,000.00$1,974,269.00
Praxair Inc.NoneDecarbonization of Hydrogen Production by Flameless OxidationTonawandaNY$975,000.00$325,000.00$1,300,000.00
Research Triangle InstituteCEMEX Inc., Carbon Clean Solutions USA Inc., Oak Ridge National LaboratoryIntensified Water-Lean Solvent CO2 Capture System for Cement Flue GasResearch Triangle ParkNC$5,000,000.00$2,993,034.00$7,993,034.00
ReSource Chemical Corp.NonePerformance-Advantaged Chemicals and Materials Made from Lignocellulose and CO2Palo AltoCA$2,000,000.00$500,000.00$2,500,000.00
Solidia TechnologiesLafargeHolcim, FLSmidth, CRHAn Innovative Process for Direct Utilization of CO2 in Solid Synthetic Pozzolan ProductionPiscatawayNJ$2,100,000.00$522,742.00$2,622,742.00
University of Louisiana at LafayetteGiner Inc., University of Cincinnati, Idaho National Laboratory:Modular Reactors for the Capture and Electro-Conversion of CO2 in Various Industrial Processes to Value-Added ChemicalsLafayetteLA$3,200,000.00$808,475.00$4,008,475.00
Topic Area 3, Subtopic 3.2: Flexible CHP Demonstration in a District Energy System Integrated with a Renewably Fueled Municipal Generating Station   
Caterpillar Inc.National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Linde-Praxair, District Energy - St. PaulFlexible Natural Gas/Hydrogen CHP systemPeoriaIL$5,000,001.00$6,705,620.00$11,705,620.00
Clemson UniversityTECO Westinghouse Motor Company, National Renewable Energy LaboratoryMegawatt Scale, Multi-Source Heat Recovery System with a Flexible Grid InterconnectCharlestonSC$4,000,599.00$2,292,938.00$6,293,537.00
Totals    =  $123,597,102.00  $44,747,322.00  $168,344,423.00