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Karen L. Boardman, Director

The National Training Center (NTC), the Department’s Center of Excellence for Security and Safety Training and Professional Development, designs, develops, and implements state-of-the-art security and safety training programs for Department federal and contractor personnel nationwide, including the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).  Conducts on-going job analysis, and develops and delivers training in all aspects of security and safety required for the protection of Departmental and NNSA critical assets, including facilities, equipment, materials and information.  Maintains the proficiency and competency of Department and NNSA security and safety personnel through standardized nuclear security and safety training, education, and professional development services at the Department’s National Training Center (NTC).  NTC provides training based on technical qualification standards.  As appropriate, NTC extends its services to other government agencies involved in protecting critical national security assets.


  • Establishes and supports DOE’s security and safety training programs.
  • Establishes and manages the Training Approval Program (TAP).
  • Establishes and manages the DOE Safety and Health Training Reciprocity program.
  • Establishes and employs systematic, standards-based processes for the design of all training courses.
  • Maintains a full range of training delivery capabilities to assure use of current technologies and cost-effective training delivery options.
  • Establishes standards and processes to evaluate training effectiveness and its impact on performance.
  • Manages the Professional Development Program to enable Federal career and professional development for safeguards, security, and safety personnel.
  • Manages and maintains a training campus, live-fire range, integrated safety and security training and evaluation complex, and remote facilities.
  • Coordinates the Federal Technical Capabilities Program, Nuclear Executive Leadership Program, Senior Technical Safety Manager, and technical leadership development training at the corporate level for the Department.
  • Establishes and maintains operational, training and training content databases.
  • Interfaces with other Department corporate training and development organizations including Human Capital (HC) and the Emergency Operations Training Academy to facilitate an integrated approach and resolve common issues.
  • Collaborates with and represents the Department on advisory committees, provides support to program offices, sites, and representatives to assure relevancy and appropriateness in the development and delivery of training curricula.
  • Consults with standards-setting organizations to obtain certification and accreditation of NTC courses, as appropriate.
  • Manages work with other federal agencies to provide training for federal, state, and local government personnel as requested and consistent with EA and Departmental priorities.
  • Provides and manages subject matter expertise for the development and review of DOE training and awareness courses for security and safety.