The Office of Enterprise Assessments supports the Secretary of Energy and other stakeholders by enhancing the Department of Energy’s safety, security, and cybersecurity programs.  We do this through independently evaluating the effectiveness of requirements, performance, and risk management; conducting objective and effective enforcement activities; and providing high-quality training.

EA is organizationally independent of the DOE entities that develop and implement security and safety policy and programs. Therefore, EA can objectively provide information to DOE senior leadership, contractor organizations, and other stakeholders on whether the Department's national security assets are appropriately protected and Departmental operations provide for the safety of employees and the public. EA activities complement, but do not replace, the responsibility of DOE line management to ensure compliance with security and safety requirements. EA assessment activities evaluate whether the Department is effective in promoting robust protection strategies and making informed risk management decisions. EA also implements the Secretary of Energy's authorities for enforcement of contractor compliance with classified information security, nuclear safety, and worker safety and health regulations. In addition, EA operates the DOE National Training Center (NTC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to enhance the proficiency and competency of DOE federal and contractor personnel nationwide through delivery of state-of-the-art security and safety training programs.

EA mission vision
EA Strategic Goals