October 2021

Independent Assessment of Work Planning and Control at the Savannah River Site F and H Tank Farms

This assessment evaluated the implementation of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) integrated safety management system core functions with respect to work planning and control (WP&C) processes involving the liquid waste program contractor, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (SRR), at the Savannah River Site F and H Tank Farms to determine if construction work is safely coordinated with operations. This assessment included contracted or self-performed construction activities of SRR and its sub-tier contractors. Additionally, this assessment focused on elements of the hoisting and rigging, excavation, and electrical safety programs. Due to COVID 19 restrictions in place at the time, this assessment was conducted remotely. The assessment team was able to review written programs, policies and completed work packages. The team could not observe actual work activity so the effectiveness of hazard controls could not be assessed.