The Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration (RECS) Program 2019 was intellectually stimulating and enlightening. The lectures and field trips were engaging and interactive, and helped me to understand a lot about research across the Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) chain. It was very well organized and and executed. Daily group exercises and lectures were holistic and spanned different CCUS subjects such as policy, science and business.

Seyi Sholanke sitting at a driving simulator giving a thumbs up

RECS students and instructors were intellectually diverse, and for this reason, the program was informative and enlightening for everyone and it was great to learn about CCUS from different perspectives. I particularly found the communications training by Roger and Amy Aimes to be very impactful, interactive and informative. They both had amazing insight into communicating research topics to decision makers.

As a student, it was great to gain an understanding of the importance of public perception and public engagement approaches to CCUS. Additionally, I learned a lot about key business and policy drivers from the industry perspective, especially Richard Esposito from Southern Company. He did an amazing job of explaining the company’s CCUS portfolio and drivers for being involved in this field. I highly recommend this program to researchers, students and young professionals interested in learning about CCUS. Participating in RECS 2019, was a definite highlight of my summer. It was very enlightening and fun!