The National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP) Collaboratives are groups of stakeholders with a common interest or background working together to expand access to community solar. Members of Collaboratives work together to identify and address common barriers. DOE supports these efforts by providing technical assistance, resource and tool development, and training, and by convening stakeholders. Collaborative members develop goals, evaluate progress toward defined metrics, and demonstrate practical, effective, and scalable community solar models. The expertise developed by NCSP Collaborative members will be compiled into resources and shared with all NCSP partners.

NCSP has three collaboratives:

  • The States Collaborative enables state partners at all levels of market maturity to benefit from regular opportunities to engage with and learn from their peers in other states as they explore, design, launch, administer, and expand community solar programs in their states.
  • The Multifamily Affordable Housing Collaborative convenes and supports 13 multifamily affordable housing providers to identify replicable models for community solar deployment that reduce monthly electric utility bills or provide other direct benefits for low-income residents of multifamily housing.
  • The Municipal Utility Collaborative consisted of 7 municipal utility providers that receive support from technical experts and learn from their peers in order to create or scale municipally-led community solar programs that expand affordable community solar access to low-income and other underserved communities.

Join the partnership to participate in the collaboratives and learn more about technical assistance opportunities in NCSP.