The National Community Solar Partnership represents a diverse group of community solar stakeholders, including community members and community-based organizations, solar developers, financial institutions, state, local, tribal and territorial government representatives, utilities, and nonprofits. Any supporter of increasing equitable access to community solar based in the United States is welcome to join the Partnership. 

National Community Solar Partners currently represent hundreds of different organizations, agencies, and offices across 48 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Learn how to become a National Community Solar Partner.

Partner Commitments

National Community Solar Partners commit to actively supporting the Partnership’s ambitious goal of making community solar accessible to all Americans by setting ambitious goals of their own. Partners are asked to share progress and barriers toward these goals to support metric tracking and program design for the Partnership, as well as identify opportunities for collaboration between partners. 

Examples of current Partner goals include: 

"Develop a demonstration site for community solar and remote microgrids in the South."

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

"Working with partners across the US to develop 40MW low-income community solar in next 3 years."

Co-op Power, Florence, Northampton, MA

"90% of Hartford residents participating in solar by 2030."

Town of Hartford, White River Junction, Hartford, VT

"Host 25 MW of distributed energy (primarily community solar) by 2025."

New York City Housing Authority, New York, NY

Partner Collaboratives

Partners have the opportunity to form working collaboratives around certain topic areas or industries of shared interest. These collaboratives may receive group technical assistance to support their efforts in increasing equitable community solar access and often create public resources to support others working in similar spaces. The National Community Solar Partnership has two active collaboratives addressing community solar deployment for Multifamily Affordable Housing providers and Municipal Utilities. Learn more about Partner Collaboratives.