Steven Brand Headshot

Steven R. Brand serves as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Resource Management, in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).  In this capacity, he provides executive oversight and customer-focused strategic guidance for human capital and administrative management; financial management, budget formulation and internal controls; and acquisition management.  Via collaboration across the enterprise, Mr. Brand leads the alignment of these functions and activities with OCIO and Departmental priorities, for effective and efficient mission execution. 

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Brand served in a number of roles at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to include serving as the Director, Office of Information Technology Acquisition, leading the efficient execution of nearly 7,000 contract actions, worth nearly $2B annually.  Before taking on that role, Mr. Brand served as the Director, Procurement Policy for the IRS.  In this role, he managed a portfolio that included, leading the development of agency-wide procurement policies and procedures and compliance monitoring, as well as management and oversight of small business engagement, contract quality assurance (for over $2B in annual contract actions), contract cost and price analysis, risk management, and strategic leadership of the Treasury Acquisition Institute (TAI).

Mr. Brand joined the IRS, after serving as the Deputy Director, Business Administration for the Army Information Technology Agency.  In that capacity, he provided leadership and guidance for a broad scope of functions, to include acquisition management, financial management, and human capital management.  He also served as the Deputy Director of Budget, Finance and Acquisition (BFA), for the Department of Homeland Security’s, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, overseeing a budget and annual acquisitions of $1B; and he served as the Director, Acquisitions for the Office of the National Communications System (NCS).

Mr. Brand is retired from the United States Marine Corps. He holds a Master of Computer Science degree, from the Naval Postgraduate School. He also earned a Bachelor of Science, in Human Resources, and a Bachelor of Arts, in Political Science from The Ohio State University.