DNS Policy

Every Federal agency must use only .gov, .mil, or Fed.us domains unless the agency head explicitly determines another domain is necessary for the proper performance of an agency function.

Why is this important?

Visitors looking for official government information must be confident that is what they are getting.  Many websites exist that resemble government websites or that appear to provide "official" government information. They can mislead the public into believing and acting on erroneous information.

The federal government must ensure that public websites are clearly branded. The .mil, .gov, and fed.us domains are restricted to government agencies. Using domains that are exclusive to the government is one way to communicate to citizens that federal public websites are legitimate.

Using these exclusive domains also ensures that the DOE and USA.gov search engines will find all official DOE websites and that the USA.gov directory of federal public websites will list them.


Prior to development of a new web site or web-based application, you should notify the Department's federal domain name manager that a request for a domain name is imminent. Discussion will include the correct domain for your needs.  For consistency throughout the Department, all public facing websites are required to use the ENERGY.GOV domain..

For internal sites and business applications, or for external limited access sites, use the DOE.GOV domain.

You will need to submit a green Configuration Change Proposal (CCP) form. This form is used for sharing information on Domain Name Server (DNS) changes, new requirements, modifications or enhancements within the DOE Headquarters Programmatic and Office Management Areas. This information notice will be distributed to members of the Configuration Management Board (CMB) for review, information, and distribution. Simply complete the form and return it via e-mail to the Domain Management Team (DL-Domain.Management@hq.doe.gov) for validation, review and discussion.  Detailed instructions are available at  on the Domain change process Powerpedia article (Internal Only). Changes to the DNS are not immediately evident. It may take up to 48 hours for a change/addition to filter through and populate the Internet. Don't forget to plan accordingly.

First Tier (.GOV) Domains

NOTE:  Only special projects or products will be allowed to use top-level URLs (specialized .gov domain names).

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the only DOE Official with the authority to approve a request for registration of a top-level .GOV domain name. Approval from the Assistant Secretary/Director of the requesting office is necessary prior to requesting the approval of the CIO to register a domain name with General Services Administration (GSA). Approval should be in the form of a signed memorandum sent to Thomas O'Neill (thomas.oneill@hq.doe.gov), the DOE Federal Domain Manager, and include the following information:

  • an explanation of how the domain will be used;
  • a justification for using a non-DOE domain
  • the server name and IP address where the DNS will be registered;
  • name, telephone/fax numbers, and email address for 2 unique points of contact (POC): a Technical POC and the Billing POC. If either POC already has a User Account with GSA, please provide the user logon ID. (You can obtain a User Account by registering with GSA at http://www.dotgov.gov/);  The DOE Federal Domain Manager is the Administrative POC for all DOE-owned domains. 

Make sure to also include the name, telephone/fax numbers, and email address of a point of contact for any questions regarding the requested domain name. A letter signed by the CIO will be sent to the Federal Domain Manager at GSA. You will be notified by the GSA Registrar and/or the DOE Federal Domain Manager when/if your request is approved.

While your request to the CIO is in progress, be sure to register your top-level domain name with the General Services Administration (GSA) at http://www.dotgov.gov/ to make sure the domain name is available for reserving. The site also contains information regarding additional requirements.

GSA will not approve any requests for domains without written approval by the DOE CIO.

The DOE CIO will not consider any request that does not provide complete information.  Please see the Domain management Powerpedia article (DOE employees and contractor only) for more information.

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