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The Department offers a variety of accommodations to individuals with vision impairment. Available computer and telecommunications access products include:

"Low Vision" Accommodations

  • Glare Protection Screen
  • Large Monitor with High Resolution (19" - 25")
  • Magnified Display of Computer Screen
  • Magnified Display of Hardcopy Material
  • Large Print Production
  • Copy Machine with Enlarging and Reducing Capability
  • Color and Contrast Selection
  • Keyboard Orientation Aids
  • Other Keyboard Aids

"Blind" Accommodations

  • Speech Synthesizer
  • Screen Reader Software
  • Braille Printer/Embosser
  • Braille Translation Software and Firmware
  • Refreshable Braille
  • Braille Note Taker
  • Braille Input Devices
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Keyboard Enhancements
  • Speech Recognition
  • Tactile Output (Non-braille)
  • CD-ROM Telephone
  • Light Pen