The Department offers a variety of accommodations to individuals with mobility limitations. Available computer and telecommunications access products include:

  • Sequential Keystroke Input
  • Key Repeat Rate Control
  • Keyboard Macros
  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Non-Keyboard Dependent Input Devices
  • Word Prediction Packages
  • Speech Recognition
  • Robotic Devices
  • Mouse Alternatives
  • Keyguard
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Speaker Phone
  • Gooseneck Receiver Holder
  • Phone Headset
  • Speed Dialing

Office environments must also be examined for potential access barriers, including:

  • narrow aisles barring wheelchair passage
  • workstation surfaces too high or low which may cause fatigue or render the work area inaccessible
  • doors too heavy to open

Although some individuals with mobility impairments can determine the appropriate accommodation solutions themselves, others may need assistance. For severe mobility impairments, a professional evaluation may needed, in which case, a rehabilitation engineer, an occupational therapist, or the Assistive Technologies Coordinator should participate in the product selection process.