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The mission of the Office of Finance and Accounting (CF-10) is to provide Department-wide central accounting and financial management services to the Department of Energy; to provide accurate and timely financial reporting and produce auditable financial statements; and to provide financial management support to DOE Headquarters program offices.


  • Implement Departmental accounting and financial policies as well as general procedural requirements for Federal accounting and reporting activities that are applicable to the Department.
  • Identify and analyze accounting and financial issues and recommend and/or implement appropriate action for resolution.
  • Provide Department-wide financial accounting and support services related to general accounting, payments, billings and collections, payroll support activities, relocation, financial systems, financial reports, month-end and year-end closings, investment, and other services.
  • Direct Departmental accounting and consolidated financial reporting, with emphasis on issuance of Departmental financial statements that receive an unqualified audit opinion, as well as provision of financial information that supports management decision-making.
  • Provide financial management support to Headquarters program offices and perform oversight and evaluation of the Department-wide financial services performed by the Energy Finance and Accounting Service Center.
  • Serve as liaison with Field Chief Financial Officers.
  • Maintain liaison with audit organizations; central government agencies; and standards-setting bodies, including the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board.
  • Represent the Department at various forums and on intra- and inter-agency working groups.
  • Ensure that the Department's accounting and financial activities are accomplished in a manner consistent with applicable statutes, regulations, and other central government agency guidance.

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