Goal 1:  Maintain Operational Readiness to release crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve upon direction of the President or the Secretary.

Goal 2:  Place the highest priority on public health, workforce safety, and protection of the environment in the daily execution of mission requirements.

Goal 3:  Conduct regular assessments of U.S. petroleum distribution patterns to ensure that the Strategic Petroleum reserve drawdown capabilities are responsive to stakeholder requirements.

Goal 4:  Develop, analyze, evaluate, and implement a strategy to configure the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to meet long-term U.S energy security requirements.

Goal 5:  Share technical expertise, best practices, and lesson learned from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve operations with international partners in support of global petroleum stockpiling.

Goal 6:  Protect the Northeast U.S. from short-term supply shocks to the heating oil market through the use of the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve.

Goal 7:  Complete environmental cleanup and remediation of the formal Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 1.