2016 Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Peer Review - Day 2 Presentations

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The Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Peer Review included 10 peer review and information sharing sessions over 3 days on December 7-9, 2016. The program for the three-day Peer Review and the presentations from Day 2 (Sessions VI through VIII) are available below.

  • Peer Review, Session VI
    1. Quantum Security Modules for the Power Grid - Raymond Newell, Alamos National Laboratory
    2. Supporting Cyber Security of Power Distribution Systems by Detecting Differences Between Real-time Micro-synchrophasor Measurements and Cyber-Reported SCADA - Sean Peisert, Chuck McParland, Anna Scaglione, Emma Stewart, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    3. Timing Authentication Secured by Quantum Correlations (TASQC) - Phil Evans, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
    4. Cliques: CRL-less Revocation and Anonymous Authentication for the Smart Grid - Oak Ridge National Laboratories
    5. Safe Active Scanning for Energy Delivery Systems (SASEDS) - Jovana Helms, Peter Scheibel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Matthias Engels, PNNL; Craig Reiger, INL
  • Peer Review, Session VII
    1. Automated Disruption Tolerant Key Management (ADTKM) - Paul Skare for Thomas Edgar, Pacific Northewst National Laboratory
    2. Improving Situation Assessment/Awareness for Utility Operators and Cybersecurity Professionals - Paul Skare for Eric Anderson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    3. EDS Forensics - Assessing Energy Systems Using Live Analysis, a Toolkit Approach - Paul Skare for Lori Ross O'Neil, Theora Rice, Penny McKenzie, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    4. Multispeak® Secure Protocol Enterprise Access Kit (MS-SPEAK) - Paul Skare for Will Hutton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Peer Review, Session VIII
    1. Cybersecurity for Secure Evolveable Energy Delivery Systems (SEEDS) - H. Alan Mantooth, Qinghua Li, University of Arkansas
    2. Artificial Diversity and Defense Security (ADDSec) - Adrian R. Chavez, Sandia National Laboratory