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Project NameTeam LeadTeam MembersDescription
AVIRA: Automated Vulnerability Intelligence and Risk AssessmentUniversity of ArkansasArkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, Network Perception, University of Arkansas Little Rock and Vistra EnergyThe University of Arkansas will develop AVIRA using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to enable utilities, coops, and municipalities the ability to perform automated context-aware risk assessment of their control systems, further advancing the state-of-the-art of energy sector risk assessment. The project will automate the process of risk assessment in an OT environment, prioritizing patches for immediate vulnerabilities so that more critical patches are applied first. This automated process uses minimal resources and is more secure.
Resilient Energy Delivery and Control Systems (REDCS)GE Research Florida State University, Baker Hughes and IntelGE Research will develop REDCS, consisting of sophisticated algorithm modules hosted on a secure computer system with the goal of maintaining operation at a safe state while a cyber-attack is underway. The proposed solution, enabled by the latest advancements in Machine Learning and Control Theory, will allow for continued operation of a natural gas pipeline during a cyber-attack by monitoring related physics to quickly detect attacks, isolate impacted nodes, predict the onset of anomalies, and self-heal to mitigate the impacts.
GridTrust: Electricity Grid Root-of-Trust Decentralized Supply Chain Cyber-SecurityGeorgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC)OSIsoft, Southern Company, Sandia National Laboratories and Protect Our PowerGTRC will develop GridTrust, which will provide security based on each energy sector field device having (i) a physically provable unique identity, through physically unclonable functions (PUFs), and (ii) a standard suite of encryption tools. Supply chain cybersecurity will be advanced by providing a robust mechanism to address counterfeit/cloned components or potentially altered devices.