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The Bulk Power Executive Order was signed to decrease vulnerabilities within the U.S. bulk-power system. This EO prohibits the importation, acquisition, transfer, or installation of bulk-power equipment by any foreign national or country. This will help mitigate the risk of sabotage to, or subversion of, the national bulk-power system. The EO also outlines the creation of the Task Force on Federal Energy Infrastructure Procurement Policies Related to National Security. This task force will ensure that all national security threats that may arise during the energy system acquisition process are accounted for and mitigated. 


Securing the United States Bulk-Power System Executive Order

The Secretary of Energy is to work with various Federal agencies to ensure that the acquisition of bulk-power systems is in line with national security demands. CESER will work with interdepartmental partners and the task force created in this EO to ensure that energy security and cybersecurity considerations are accounted for in relevant policymaking. 


Related Activities

As the key DOE resource for Emergency Response and Cyber Security, CESER  works to provide consultation and coordination with subject matter experts