National Preparedness Month 2019 Logo

As the height of hurricane season in the Atlantic, September is the perfect time to dust off your preparedness kit and brush up your family’s disaster plans. No matter where they live, from the Eastern Seaboard to Tornado Alley, Americans all across the nation are assessing their readiness during National Preparedness Month, recognized each September and promoted by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

The theme for this National Preparedness Month is “prepared, not scared.” And throughout the month, FEMA will be highlighting the resources it has available to help you enhance your emergency preparedness. Whether it’s financially preparing for a disaster, having a plan and kit ready to go, or educating the members of your household, there’s plenty to be done to ensure you and your family are prepared, not scared, in the event disaster strikes.

As the lead federal agency for emergency preparedness and response in the energy sector, the Department of Energy is preparing alongside you. Throughout the year, DOE hosts exercises with industry, states, and local governments to make certain that critical energy resources are maintained and restored throughout and after an emergency. DOE also works alongside these groups to help facilitate the assessment, reporting, and restoration of damaged energy systems as needed. For details on DOE’s role, read more about how the department of energy supports preparedness and response.

Don’t get caught in the storm – this September, be prepared!