GE Gas Power is the fourth equipment manufacturer to provide critical electrical grid components to test under the Department of Energy’s Cyber Testing for Resilient Industrial Control System program 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) today announced a collaboration with GE Gas Power to test one of the company’s critical infrastructure systems used in gas, steam, and wind applications.  

"When the Department of Energy works with companies like GE Gas Power, we elevate the security of our nation’s energy sector," said CESER Acting Principal Deputy Director Monica Neukomm. "By working collaboratively to test critical operational components of our energy infrastructure for potential points of weakness, we are leveraging the best that both the private and public sector have to offer. As cybersecurity threats to our nation’s energy infrastructure continue to increase and evolve, we are pleased to work with GE Gas Power and other major industry players to stay ahead of our cyber adversaries." 

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of components used in the energy industry, GE Gas Power sets a strong industry example for participation in DOE’s mission to secure and strengthen the nation’s critical electric infrastructure. The company joins three other private sector companies actively participating in the DOE’s Cyber Testing for Resilient Industrial Control Systems (CyTRICS™) program.  

"As a leader in building technology for the future of energy, GE Gas Power is focused on cybersecurity in our portfolio of products to help ensure security resiliency throughout the product lifecycle," said Rob Garry GE Gas Power’s VP Product Security. "I am excited about this collaboration with the DOE, CyTRICS program, and the access to advanced test facilities, expertise, and analytic capabilities at the DOE National Laboratories. This project spans across the ecosystem through technology, manufacturers, and asset owners continually strengthening our commitment to the cyber posture of GE Gas Power Products."  

DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory will perform the testing through CyTRICS, which advances the Office's work to address growing digital supply chain security challenges and identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited to compromise the integrity and reliability of critical system components. The program is part of Energy Cyber Sense, an initiative required by President Biden’s Infrastructure Law that is geared to build national level energy sector supply chain cybersecurity risk management capabilities and resources. 

Through CyTRICS, DOE connects equipment manufacturers, vendors, and utilities with state-of-the art, intelligence-informed analytic capabilities at its National Laboratories and tests operational technology components voluntarily submitted by the participating companies. As testing expands, CyTRICS is expected to identify systemic supply chain vulnerabilities and to aid engineering out cyber weaknesses in next-generation systems, strengthening the security and resilience of software and hardware in the energy sector. 

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