Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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DOE Fueled A.I. Is Transforming the World As We Know It
"AI has the potential to literally change the world." - Secretary Rick Perry 

Since the days of the Manhattan Project, the Energy Department has been a world leader in high performance computing. Today, Energy Department National Labs house five of the ten fastest and most powerful supercomputers in the world. These powerful machines provide scientists and researchers the ability to quickly analyze and develop insights from massive datasets for answers to the world’s most complex problems.

The unrivaled power of DOE’s supercomputers uniquely positions them to push the limits of artificial intelligence (AI) — or machine learning.

AI transcends computational analyses of known challenges and has the capacity to learn from amounts of data beyond human comprehension to find answers to questions we didn’t even know we had… in effect reverse-engineering knowledge itself.

How Machine Learning Works

What is Machine Learning?
What is machine learning and how does it work? Watch this video to learn the basics! 


Insights from artifical intelligence has the potential to transform nearly every aspect of the world as we know it. Today, it is being applied to accelerate the pace of discovery in a wide variety of areas including energy, materials science, health care, national security, emergency response, transportation, and more.