Today, the Energy Department rolled out the first set in a series of posters to highlight prominent historical and present-day inventors, astronauts, explorers and mathematicians.

Download and print the posters now on any home or office printer for use in classrooms or after-school programs. Illustrations by Carly Wilkins, poster design by Cortney Kreer. This series features:

  • Mae Jemison (1956 - ). Mae is the first African American woman in space, traveling aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992. She entered college for chemical engineering at Stanford University when she was only 16 years old. She is also a trained medical doctor, dancer, actress, author, and teacher.
  • Annie Easley (1933 – 2011). Annie was a computer scientists, mathematician, and rocket scientist who worked at NASA, starting before it was even called NASA. She co-authored numerous papers about nuclear engines in rockets throughout her career. In her personal life, she trained African Americans to take the voting test that Alabama required prior to the 1960s civil rights law which banned that practice.
  • Chien-Shiung Wu (1912 – 1997). Chien-Shiung was an experimental physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project in Hanford, Washington. Her experiments helped two colleagues win the 1957 Nobel Prize in Physics. Chien-Shiung taught at Princeton and Columbia Universities and won many awards for her work.
  • Ellen Ochoa (1958 -). Ellen is the first Hispanic woman in space, traveling aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1993. She worked as a researcher at Sandia National Laboratory, where she co-invented two patents for hybrid optical/digital image processing before she began her NASA career. She is a classically trained flutist and has four schools named after her in three states (so far!).