Data compiled by Yan (Joann) Zhou at Argonne National Laboratory. (*) Sales from the second quarter of 2013 for Tesla Model S are based off of estimates provided by the Hybrid Market Dashboard. Data updated 1/20/15.

Last week, we reported on how electric vehicle sales have taken off in the last few months as prices have dropped and more manufacturers install fast charging stations across the country. 

Using the data we released last week, we created an interactive chart that allows you to explore the continued growth of EV sales since their introduction into the market only two and a half years ago. Models are listed and stacked in the order that they entered the market.

You can scroll over the chart to discover the model and total sales for each month. Click and drag a section of the chart to zoom in and see the smaller slivers of data. Additionally, you can click on different models in the legend to toggle sales information on and off, allowing you to see what you are interested in.

If you want to crunch the data on your own or build your own visualization, you can find the raw files here.

After learning more about EV sales figures, head over to our eGallon tool to figure out how much you could be saving at the pump by switching to an electric vehicle. 

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