HOUSTON, TEXAS — U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, together with Energy Minsters from Canada, Norway, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, today formally launched the Net-Zero Producers Forum (NPF) through an inaugural ministerial meeting. During the meeting, Ministers endorsed the initiative’s Terms of Reference, which codifies the objectives and framework of the NPF.  

“DOE was proud to host the first Net-Zero Producers Forum Ministerial in Houston, Texas, a town that powered America’s past and has the potential to lead our clean energy future,” said Secretary Granholm. “The NPF ministerial meetings represent an opportunity for major energy producers to lead the way in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050—averting the worst effects of climate change and supercharging economic opportunities for the global workforce.”

The NPF is a voluntary coalition of major oil and gas producing nations dedicated to galvanizing cooperation to respond effectively and pragmatically to the global climate challenge and help accelerate the pathway to global net-zero emissions, while supporting a sustainable and secure energy future. Hosting the inaugural NPF Ministerial reinforces the return of U.S. leadership and commitment to international collaboration on clean energy deployment and innovation. 

The NPF, which was announced on April 23, 2021, during President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate, will also highlight the role of industry and climate stakeholders in identifying and acting on solutions to phase out unabated fossil fuel emissions, while reducing emissions to the maximum extent possible in the interim.  To reinforce this commitment, NPF Members formally launched a working group on Deployable Emissions Reducing Technologies, which will provide a platform for key industry stakeholders to engage in critical dialogue regarding their respective best practices and lessons learned in the development and deployment of methane reduction technologies.