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Detroit, MI – On Thursday, July 16, 2020, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette traveled to General Motors (GM) Estes Battery Lab and Design Center in Warren, Mich., to highlight DOE's commitment to advancing American manufacturing and battery storage technology.

Secretary Brouillette touring the General Motors facility

The Secretary participated in a comprehensive tour of the state-of-the-art battery lab. He, alongside GM's chief sustainability officer Dane Parker, took an in-depth look at the research and development behind GM’s proprietary Ultium battery, which will power its next generation of electric vehicles.

During his tour, Secretary Brouillette emphasized the Trump Administration’s commitment to an “all-of-the-above” energy approach, as shown by DOE’s active pursuit and investment in research and development as well as its focus on electric vehicles and battery storage innovations.  Part of this approach also includes DOE’s interest in maximizing the potential of hydrogen-powered fuel cells by supporting public and private sector efforts exploring this field.

Below please find a read out of Secretary Brouillette’s earned media, tweets, and blogs regarding this trip.


Michigan Media:

  • On Wednesday, July 15, Secretary Brouillette joined Steve Gruber on 1240 WJIM, telling the host about some of the more advanced technologies that private sector companies are putting into electric vehicles and that “we (the Trump Administration) want these products, we want these technologies being made here in the United States, and we want them to stay here.”
  • Secretary Brouillette also told Steve Gruber that “as we move to electric vehicles, we have to make sure that the grid can support those type of vehicles” by improving the reliability and resiliency of electric grid infrastructure.
Secretary Brouillette touring the General Motors facility
  • Secretary Brouillette also told Steve Gruber that in order to make electric vehicles in the United States, our country needs to become non-reliant on critical elements needed to make certain technologies, which in turn will increase our national security.
  • On Wednesday, July 15, Secretary Brouillette told Steve Kelly on WOOD that the U.S. auto industry has been on the cutting edge of advancing electric batteries.  He added that DOE “has been working very, very hard on that next generation of battery” beyond lithium while also researching how to make lithium batteries last longer.
  • On Thursday, July 16, Politico deemed this trip “Brouillette and the Battery,” noting that Secretary Brouillette would “discuss advancing American manufacturing and battery storage technology in Michigan.”
  • On Thursday, July 16, The Washington Examiner reported that Secretary Brouillette announced “$139 million in federal funding for 55 projects across the country” supporting “advanced vehicle technologies” that “help advance lithium-ion batteries using silicon-based anodes and develop smart EV charging technologies, among others.”
  •,, and Automotive News also covered the funding announcement.
  • On Thursday, July 16, The Detroit News reported that with the newly announced funding, “[a] team led by Ford Motor Co. will work with the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and others to develop composite structures with electronics integrated into them. Michigan State University’s Scale Up Research Facility is working with both teams” in order to advance electrical vehicle technology.”
  • On Thursday, July 16, CNBC’s Michael Wayland covered the event via Twitter, noting that “[the] Battery pack for new EV pickups will include up to 24 battery modules, will get at least 300-400 miles of range, [and] weighs about 2,500 lbs.” and that the  “Trump Admin. will support grid for EVs & new battery materials, not exactly bullish on EV incentives or programs.
  • Secretary Brouillette told Hillsdale Free Radio Hour’s Scot Bertram that the Trump Administration is committed to energy diversity via an “all-of-the-above” strategy by pursuing every form of energy because it is vitally important to national security, but also because it provides the consumer diverse options, increasing competition and driving down prices.
  • Secretary Brouillette also told Hillsdale Free Radio Hour that Michigan is a “manufacturing powerhouse” and its energy future is bright because of its abundant resources in areas such as hydropower.
  • Secretary Brouillette was also interviewed by Steve Kelly on WJR radio as well as One Detroit Public TV for an interview set to air locally Thursday, July 23.


On Thursday, July 16, Secretary Brouillette tweeted:

Secretary Brouillette meeting with General Motors representatives