“As Secretary of Energy, and in line with the President’s Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth, I directed Departmental staff to review and reduce regulatory burdens on the American people. Through our ongoing efforts, we will promote job creation and economic growth, unleash American energy dominance, and advance the energy security of our international trading partners.
From our review, we have identified several hurdles to domestic energy development and use, and offered recommendations to eliminate those burdens. These recommendations are to:
1) streamline natural gas exports;
2) review national laboratory policies;
3) review National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations; and
4) review the DOE Appliance Standards Program.
I look forward to the President’s review of our recommendations, and to freeing the energy sector from unnecessary regulatory burdens.”
Click HERE for more information on the Department of Energy’s Final Report on Regulatory Review under Executive Order 13783.