“Earlier this morning, I toured the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository. At the conclusion of that site visit, I met with Governor Brian Sandoval at the Nevada Supreme Court building to discuss the status of Yucca Mountain. 

“Governor Sandoval and I had a frank and productive conversation, where he expressed his appreciation for my visit and reiterated his opposition to the proposed project. We have worked on a variety of subjects over the years. I value his friendship, leadership and look forward to staying in contact on this and other issues in the years ahead.

“I thanked him for the long and storied history the state of Nevada has had in our nuclear and defense industries. I stressed the need for Nevada to maintain its key role as we seek sensible, stable, and long term solutions to fulfilling our responsibility to safely manage spent nuclear fuel.

“The President has requested $120 million in his FY18 budget to restart the licensing proceedings for Yucca Mountain. Today’s meeting with Gov. Sandoval was the first step in a process that will involve talking with many federal, state, local, and commercial stakeholders. 

“The State of Nevada has helped keep America strong, safe and secure since the earliest days of the Cold War. I look forward to the State of Nevada maintaining its leadership role in America’s safety and security.”