“President Trump gave a unifying speech to our Nation highlighting our Administration’s undeniable record of progress in renewing America’s greatness and laying out an optimistic vision for its future.

The President made clear that divided government need not be stagnant. By seeking areas of agreement and compromise over resistance and division, we can put country before party and choose greatness. By favoring innovation over regulation, the President’s energy policies have unleashed prosperity and propelled America to lead the world in both oil and natural gas production and in reducing energy emissions.

Continued American leadership in energy will require that we come together to reduce burdensome regulations and invest in vital national infrastructure projects. In doing so, we can keep delivering affordable, reliable energy more securely, cleanly and efficiently, while creating jobs and increasing opportunity here and around the world.

The choices that lie before us are clear. The state of our union is strong and if we choose greatness, it will be even stronger.”