WASHIINGTON, D.C.-  Today Secretary Perry and Under Secretary Dabbar issued the following statements regarding the release of the Trump Administration’s National AI R&D Strategic Plan: 2019 Update.

"The Trump Administration’s Artificial Intelligence R&D  strategy emphasizes the pivotal role that public-private partnerships will play in maintaining America’s global leadership in Artificial Intelligence,” said Secretary Perry. “In the spirit of that vision, today I am announcing the next DOE Innovation XLab Summit in Chicago with an exclusive focus on Artificial Intelligence. During the October summit we will convene world class experts from DOE’s national labs with private industry to showcase the vast capabilities of our Supercomputers. The potential of DOE-fueled Artificial Intelligence is enormous and I am excited for what results this innovation will yield in the years to come.”

"All sectors, from strengthening cybersecurity and national security, increasing energy efficiency, optimizing grid security and resiliency, and developing innovative health solutions, have the potential to benefit from utilizing DOE Supercomputers to fuel their Artificial Intelligence work,” said Under Secretary Dabbar. “This updated strategy shows how committed this Administration is to the U.S. continuing as a world leader in AI."

READ SECRETARY PERRY’S CNBC OPED ON AI: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/07/rick-perry-it-is-time-for-america-to-boost-its-dominance-in-artificial-intelligence.html

ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND ON XLAB: The Innovation XLab Artificial Intelligence Summit will bring together industry leaders from the energy, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing sectors with researchers from the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories to discuss how advanced Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques can accelerate business transformation and boost the America’s competitiveness. The Summit, hosted by Argonne National Laboratory, is the fourth in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovation XLab series that showcases the remarkable assets of the Department’s National Laboratories – their people, facilities, and technology – with the goal of initiating deeper engagement between industry and the Labs to accelerate innovation and growth.


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