BE’ER SHEVA, ISRAEL - Today, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette and Israel’s Minister of Energy Dr. Yuval Steinitz held a bilateral meeting at the Israel National Cyber Directorate in Be’er Sheva to discuss efforts for mutually beneficial cyber security and artificial intelligence cooperation. Specifically, they discussed best practices for cyber workforce development and cross-cutting information sharing with the energy sector. They noted the importance of cyber security, as well as physical security, in light of recent and growing threats from state and non-state actors like Iran.
Minister Steinitz and Deputy Secretary Brouillette condemned Iran’s increasingly aggressive behavior, from physical attacks in the Gulf region to international cyberattack campaigns. Minister Steinitz emphasized the Government of Israel’s support for President Trump’s policies to once and for all dismantle Iran’s agenda to build nuclear weapons. Brouillette agreed that Iran’s precarious enrichment actions should be stopped. 
Regardless of the antagonistic behavior conducted by Iran, the global oil market remains resilient, stable, and well supplied thanks to increased energy production numbers from the U.S. and other oil-producing nations around the world. The global energy market is no longer held captive to the actions of dangerous regimes like Iran. 
Deputy Secretary Brouillette also emphasized U.S. support for market-based infrastructure development and utilization of Eastern Mediterranean Gas resources. U.S. energy companies are very interested in working with Israel and other Eastern Mediterranean countries to harness these resources to increase regional and global energy security.
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