Secretary Perry signed statements of intent on advanced fast neutron sodium-cooled reactors and artificial Intelligence

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and François Jacq, Chairman of France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), seized the occasion of President Trump’s Head-of-State welcome for French President Emmanuel Macron to sign two Statements of Intent (SOIs). The signing ushers in a new era of DOE-CEA research and development (R&D) cooperation with enhanced collaboration in the area of advanced fast neutron sodium-cooled nuclear reactor technologies and new collaboration in the area of artificial intelligence.

Cooperation on the development of advanced fast neutron sodium-cooled reactors will explore areas of collaboration ranging from modeling, simulation, and validation to technology testing, access to supply chain, experimental facilities, and advanced materials.

Together both countries will work on artificial intelligence technologies to better transform data and information into knowledge and expertise to promote our respective goals.

To do this, the two partners are building on a longstanding, technical U.S.-France cooperation in civil nuclear energy and high performance computing by enhancing strategic and technical exchanges to drive innovation.


Secretary Perry signed statements of intent on advanced fast neutron sodium-cooled reactors and artificial Intelligence

“Research cooperation between DOE and CEA in the areas of artificial intelligence, civil-nuclear power and nuclear security serves as an important pillar of innovation in the world today,” said Secretary Perry. “Today’s signing demonstrates the shared commitment of France and the United States to nuclear power as an affordable, safe, and secure source of clean energy. Our cooperation today will usher in the nuclear technologies of tomorrow. Furthermore, today’s signing will help usher in the next-generation innovative technologies important to both our nations.”

François Jacq stated, “I am pleased to sign these statements on the very first day of my term as CEA’s chairman. CEA is a key actor of both the energy and the digital transitions, and I am confident our reinforced partnership with DOE in these two fields will help both our agencies fulfill their mission, for the benefit of our two countries.”

The rich history between DOE and French Institutions dates back fifty years with over 40 Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), and Letters of Intent (LOI). DOE and CEA cooperate on a wide range of technology areas, including the fields of civil-nuclear energy, basic science, environmental management, renewable energy, and energy management systems. Such cooperation plays a key role in maintaining cost-competitiveness and reliability across the energy mix, benefiting both countries in the enhancement of transatlantic energy security.

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