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Watch a video summary of Secretary Brouillette's visits to Ames Laboratory and Idaho National Lab.

Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO – On Thursday, June 18, 2020, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette announced that the Department of Energy will provide $65 million in nuclear energy research funding that will advance 93 nuclear technology projects in 28 states. Secretary Brouillette made his historic announcement while touring Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the Nation’s leading nuclear energy research facility.

This funding will be distributed through DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Program, the Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies, and the Nuclear Science User Facilities, providing thousands of Americans with new jobs, as well as promoting nuclear research and development across public and private sector partners.

Secretary Brouillette also toured INL’s new state-of-the-art CyberCore Integration Center, home to experts in critical infrastructure security assessments, cyber forensic analysis, threat detection, and consequence-based targeting. Research provided by CyberCore provides the DOE with real-world technical solutions and innovations that protect America’s national security and our country’s power grid.

Secretary Brouillette was joined by Idaho Governor Brad Little and U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson.

Below please find a read-out of Secretary Brouillette’s earned media, tweets, and blogs regarding this trip.

Trip photos are also below.


Idaho Coverage and Interviews

Prior to the trip, Politico’s Morning Energy quoted a DOE press release saying that Secretary Brouillette “will see firsthand the Lab’s new CyberCore Integration Center, a facility that enables partnerships across federal agencies, private industry, and university partners to secure control systems from cyberthreats.”  

Politico’s Morning Energy continued its Idaho coverage on 6/18, noting that Secretary Brouillette said in a statement, “If we are serious about making substantial progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, then emissions-free nuclear energy must be a part of that conversation.”

The Post Register also reported that Secretary Brouillette emphasized the Trump Administration’s commitment to renewable energy. “The Trump Administration recognizes the importance of nuclear energy, and through these 93 projects spread across 28 different states, we remain wholly committed to revitalizing our most reliable form of energy,” the Secretary said in a press release.

KIDK Local News 8 aired Secretary Brouillette’s statement and reported online that Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dr. Rita Baranwal told media that “investments in programs like these help strengthen American leadership in nuclear innovation by supporting the development of the next generation of talent.”

The Washington Examiner’s “Daily on Energy” also reported on the announcement and trip.

Opinion Pieces

Secretary Brouillette touring Idaho

Writing for the Times-News, Secretary Brouillette wrote, “Idaho’s state motto, ‘Esto Perpetua,’ or ‘Let It Be Perpetual’ aptly describes the relationship between American energy and national security. The two are perpetually linked: The United States cannot be truly secure without energy independence.”

Secretary Brouillette also emphasized, “DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL)…ongoing research in critical infrastructure and nuclear energy is making our country safer and stronger today, and positioning us to be even more competitive and resilient as we address the challenges of tomorrow.” 

The Secretary praised INL for its work in researching and developing tools for defending against cyber attacks to strengthen our cybersecurity preparedness and coordinate cyber incident response and recovery.

On Thursday, June 18, Secretary Brouillette tweeted a series of photos highlighting his tour of Idaho National Laboratory.