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Monthly EV Sales Shatter Records

September 25, 2013

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On September 5, media outlets reported that US monthly electric vehicle (EV) sales shattered the 10,000 unit barrier. Cumulative EV sales for August are estimated at 11,363 -- a 30 percent increase over the previous monthly record and a 75 percent increase since the same time last year.

The jump has been fueled by high consumer satisfaction with EVs, a strong U.S. auto market, significant prices cuts on existing EV models and record sales, both by industry incumbents like GM and Nissan and newcomers like Tesla.

Successive months of 10,000+ sales for the U.S. would put the country's burgeoning EV market on track to double sales from 2012 to 2013.

To see the breakdown of EV sales by make and model, take a look at our interactive chart above. You can toggle models on and off, and zoom into areas of interest by clicking and dragging.


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