“AITO Director Cheryl Ingstad addresses assembled guests, leadership and staff following her Swearing In Ceremony”

AITO Director Cheryl Ingstad addresses assembled guests, leadership and staff following her Swearing In Ceremony

As the newly-appointed Director of the Artificial Intelligence & Technology Office, it’s my honor to welcome you to the AI@DOE website.

I am humbled by the trust and confidence that Secretary Dan Brouillette and Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar have placed in me to lay the foundation of -- and to lead -- this important effort at this critical time… the dawn of the Age of AI.

Here at DOE, and across our 17 national labs, I’m blessed to work alongside the best and the brightest minds America has to offer. Our enterprise is uniquely positioned – and already hard at work – to lead in AI’s application to our core missions. We have a proud legacy of accelerating technology and scientific discovery and we are driven by a passion to make a difference in people’s lives.

My goal will be to build upon that legacy and to harness that passion for the benefit of our country -- and the world -- through the power of AI.

As Secretary Brouillette has stated, “We are in a race for AI supremacy… and this is a race that America MUST WIN.”

But DOE cannot do it alone.

Our ability to foster effective partnerships with other agencies, private industry, our academic community and our allies abroad will be essential to our ability compete and lead in the development and adoption of AI.

Winning this race will not be easy. No race worth winning ever is. Our path will not always be clear. There will be struggles and setbacks, but there will also be an abiding sense of teamwork and higher purpose. And if we remain true to both, there will be enormous victories.

Together, we have the power and the obligation to shape the future of AI as a force for good, ensure that it reflects our values, preserves our respect for human rights and dignity, and secures our way of life for generations to come.

We are at a pivotal moment in history… the dawn of the Age of AI.  AI is a tremendous tool that has the ability to improve and save countless lives. How wisely we put this tool to use will make all the difference for our country and for the world.

I am eager to join you on this exciting journey – our odyssey of discovery – and experience the exhilaration of helping write the next chapter in human history while protecting all that we hold dear.


Cheryl Ingstad

Director, Artificial Intelligence & Technology Office

U.S. Department of Energy